Celebrating the Creative Alliances between Brands and Visual Artists #OnlyHumanArt

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Colouring Heaven’s Commitment to Real Artists

In an era where artificial intelligence is reshaping the landscape of many industries, including the creative sector, Colouring Heaven, the world’s best-selling colouring magazine brand, has made a significant move.

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In Conversation with Hanley Watimar: A Journey Through Art

In Conversation with Hanley Watimar: A Journey Through Art

The intersection of art and technology is reshaping our world. The Only Human Art Pledge is a visionary step towards ensuring the continued importance of human artists in this rapidly evolving landscape, balancing technological advancements with the enduring essence of human creativity.

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At Only Human Art, our mission is to highlight how partnerships between brands and visual artists bring new creativity to the business world. We focus on showing the special ways these collaborations work and how they change the way we think about visual art and business together.

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