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Supporting Human Creativity

In a rapidly advancing AI landscape, the role of human creativity has never been more threatened. The Only Human Art Declaration, created by Skribbl, provides a platform for organisations concerned about the impact of AI on art, and on creative professionals’ careers, to make a powerful public commitment.

This Month’s Featured Artist: Victoria Holmes

Why Sign the Declaration?

Art is a fundamental part of the human experience. It is a way for us to express ourselves, to communicate with others, and to make sense of the world around us. Art is also a source of great joy and beauty.

In recent years, there has been growing concern about the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on art. AI-generated art is becoming increasingly sophisticated, and some people worry that it will eventually replace human-created art altogether.

By signing the Only Human Art Declaration, your organisation can demonstrate a firm stance in support of human creativity and the artistic profession.

“As an organisation committed to the preservation of human creativity, we proudly stand behind the Only Human Art Declaration.

By pledging to only use artwork created by humans, we affirm the intrinsic value that human artists bring to our culture and society. We believe in the power of authentic expression, the beauty found in imperfections, and the enduring impact of human artistry.

Signing this declaration is more than just a statement; it is a steadfast commitment to honoring and supporting the careers of talented artists who inspire us all.”



1 | Exclusively Human Artwork

We commit to exclusively using artwork created by humans in our marketing, advertising, and creative projects. By doing so, we honor the integrity of human artistry, showcasing the richness of the human experience and preserving the unique contributions of artists.

2 | Support for Creative Professionals

We are dedicated to supporting the careers of talented artists, ensuring their fair recognition, remuneration, and opportunities for growth. We believe in nurturing a thriving ecosystem that enables artists to sustain their livelihoods and continue to enrich our society through their artistic endeavors.

3 | Value of Human Artistry

We recognise that human artistry encompasses an unparalleled depth of emotion, personal expression, and cultural significance that cannot be replicated by artificial intelligence. We celebrate the power of human-created art to evoke emotions, challenge perspectives, and foster connections.

4 | Celebration of Diversity

We celebrate and promote artistic diversity, embracing a wide range of artistic styles, cultural perspectives, and voices. We believe in creating inclusive spaces that amplify underrepresented artists and provide equal opportunities for artists from all backgrounds to thrive.

5 | Responsible Technological Integration

We acknowledge the role of technology in the modern world and commit to using it responsibly in the art industry. We seek to leverage technology as a tool to empower artists, enhance their creative process, and expand their reach, while ensuring that the human touch and artistic vision remain at the core.


[Your Organisation’s Name] proudly signs the Only Human Art Declaration, embracing its five key principles:

  1. Preservation of Human Creativity: We affirm the immeasurable value of human artists, pledging to exclusively use artwork created by humans. Together, we preserve artistic integrity and authentic human expression.
  2. Support for Creative Professionals: We recognise the talent and vital role of creative professionals. By signing, we commit to fair recognition, remuneration, and growth opportunities, empowering artists to thrive and enrich our lives.
  3. Celebration of Diversity: We celebrate diverse artistic styles, perspectives, and voices. Embracing this diversity, we foster an inclusive space where creativity flourishes and unique narratives contribute to our collective tapestry.
  4. Responsible Integration of Technology: We leverage technology responsibly, enhancing rather than replacing human creativity. By navigating the digital landscape thoughtfully, we empower artists while upholding the authenticity of their craft.
  5. Commitment to Honoring Artists: We honor and support the careers of talented artists. By signing, we provide recognition, remuneration, and opportunities, ensuring their voices shape our cultural heritage.

With great pride, [Your Organisation’s Name] joins the Only Human Art Declaration. Together, we preserve human creativity, empower artists, and shape a future where artistry thrives.


[Your Organisation’s Name]

Only Human Art

Sign the Declaration

Sign the declaration now and pledge to exclusively use artwork created by humans. Together, let’s celebrate the unique contributions of artists, honor their creative endeavors, and shape a world where the profound impact of human-created art is cherished and celebrated.

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    © 2023. Only Human Art