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Have a Tale of Creativity and Collaboration?

At Only Human Art, every story of art, collaboration, and community holds a special place. Whether you’re an artist, a brand, or part of a community project, if you have a story that embodies the spirit of human creativity and partnership, we’re excited to feature it.

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A Celebration of Human Artistry in All Its Forms

At Only Human Art, we deeply value the diverse expressions of human creativity. While we predominantly feature submissions from artists, brands, and community projects, we are enthusiastic about exploring and celebrating all facets of human artistry.

Whether you’re an individual artist, or simply someone with a compelling story about the impact of art, we welcome your perspectives. Our platform is dedicated to showcasing the myriad ways in which human creativity enriches our world.

Artists, Brands, and Communities – All Voices Welcome

  • Artists: Share your journey, the inspiration behind your work, and the emotions that drive your creativity.
  • Brands: Tell us about your collaborations with artists, the vision, and the impact of these partnerships.
  • Community Projects: Let us know how your initiatives are bringing art into communities and the stories that emerge from these engagements.

How to Submit Your Story

  • Outline Your Narrative: Provide a summary of your story, focusing on the human elements and collaborative aspects.
  • Visuals Are Key: Attach high-quality images of artworks, collaborations, events, or moments that best represent your story.
  • Include Your Details: Ensure to give your contact information and a brief introduction of yourself or your organisation.

Join a Celebration of Human-Led Creativity

Your stories are the heartbeat of our magazine. By sharing them, you contribute to a tapestry of human-led artistry, collaboration, and community spirit.

We are eager to showcase the diverse, creative, and inspiring narratives that you bring to the world of art.


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At Only Human Art, our mission is to highlight how partnerships between brands and visual artists bring new creativity to the business world. We focus on showing the special ways these collaborations work and how they change the way we think about visual art and business together.

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