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In Conversation with Hanley Watimar: A Journey Through Art

Only Human Art is delighted to spotlight Hanley Watimar, a talented illustrator from the Skribbl community, embodying the essence of human creativity and artistry. Hanley’s journey and works exemplify the values that Only Human Art champions: the irreplaceable charm, depth, and personal touch of art crafted by human hands.

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Vic Holmes

With experience of working with some of the UK’s most purpose-driven brands, Vic takes the lead on all things PR and marketing at Skribbl.

Hanley’s unique story is a testament to the enduring significance of human-made art in an increasingly digital world, resonating with our mission to celebrate and support artists who bring genuine creativity to life.

Being part of a community that values human-made art is a source of pride for Hanley Watimar.

He sees his involvement as a testament to the appreciation and promotion of art created by human hands and hearts.

Artistic Style: Life, Detail, and Imagination

Hanley describes his illustration style in three words: life-based, detailed, and imaginative.

These elements are the pillars of his unique artistic identity, allowing him to bring a blend of reality, precision, and fantasy to his works.

The Genesis of an Illustrator

Hanley’s journey into illustration began in childhood, drawing everything from cartoon characters to figments of his imagination.

Over time, he incorporated life experiences into his art, enriching his creations with depth and personal narratives.

Approaching a New Illustration

For Hanley, the process of creating a new illustration starts in the mind.

He visualises the concept before bringing it to life, finding that emotions and new experiences often spark fresh ideas for his artwork.

The Inspiration Behind the Art

The act of creating and the anticipation of the final piece are what drive Hanley.

The excitement and satisfaction he derives from the creative process fuel his continuous artistic exploration.

A Tip for Unleashing Creativity

Hanley’s advice for generating creative ideas is simple yet profound: immerse yourself in nature.

He believes in the power of the natural world to inspire and rejuvenate the creative spirit.

Favorite Themes in Art

While Hanley doesn’t have a single favourite theme, he is particularly drawn to beach-inspired illustrations.

His passion for skim-boarding translates into his art, capturing the essence of beach life and the joy it brings him.

Advice to Aspiring Illustrators

His advice to budding artists is to embrace failure as part of the learning process.

He emphasises the importance of enjoying the journey of creation and finding personal satisfaction in each piece.

The Artist’s Workspace: A Reflection of Creativity

Hanley’s workspace is a testament to his creative process: a bit chaotic but full of life and ongoing projects.

It’s a space where ideas are born and nurtured, albeit amidst a bit of disorder.

Artistic Inspiration: A Tribute to a Mentor

Sir Eldiardo Dela Peña, Hanley’s high school teacher, stands as his greatest artistic inspiration.

Sir Eldiardo has been a guiding force in Hanley’s life, both inspiring him and influencing his artistic path, including his introduction to the Skribbl community.

Artistic Self-Portrait: A Personal Expression

In keeping with his imaginative and expressive style, Hanley’s self-portrait is a unique blend of abstraction and reality, capturing the essence of his artistic soul and journey.

This story of Hanley Watimar highlights the profound connection between human experiences, creativity, and the art they inspire.

It underscores the value of human touch in art, a principle that Only Human Art passionately advocates and celebrates.


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