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Colouring Heaven’s Commitment to Real Artists

Colouring Heaven, a leader in the artistic community, has renewed its focus on supporting real artists and their unique skills. Jenny Cook, the Creative Director at Colouring Heaven, sheds light on the brand’s dedication to human creativity and its impact on the wider artistic community.

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Reflecting Brand Values: A Commitment to Artistic Talent

For Colouring Heaven, this renewed focus isn’t just a policy change; it’s a reflection of their core values.

Jenny explains, “We publish a range of monthly newsstand colouring magazines and work closely with talented artists from around the world to bring our audience the best colouring art while supporting the colouring community and its artists.”

This move highlights their commitment to promoting real artists and providing designs that showcase genuine artistic talent and skill.

Human-Made Art vs. AI-Generated Art: Staying True to the Brand’s Ethos

In a world increasingly intrigued by AI capabilities, Colouring Heaven champions human-made art.

Jenny elaborates on this choice, “AI art, while capable of producing beautiful works, often utilises the copyrighted creations that are the product of many artists’ skills.”

The brand’s ethos is deeply rooted in supporting the colouring community and its artists, ensuring they continue to earn from their skills by paying them to license their work and promoting them to a wide audience.

A History of Supporting Human Artists

Colouring Heaven’s support for human artists is not a new endeavour.

Since the beginning, they have featured designs by human artists and actively promoted them.

“But until recently, when we’ve seen a surge of AI-generated colouring designs, we didn’t feel the need to distinguish between the two,” Jenny remarks, highlighting the evolving art landscape.

The Influence of AI and Its Implications

While acknowledging AI’s place in the modern world, Jenny emphasises the need for regulation to protect human artists.

“There needs to be regulation, or human artists will struggle to support themselves using their skills,” she states.

For Colouring Heaven, the rise of AI necessitates a balanced approach, where technological innovation coexists with the protection of human creativity.

A Message to Artists Concerned About AI

For artists worried about the growing influence of generative AI, Jenny offers words of encouragement.

“Don’t let it deter you from creating. Many people still support and appreciate human-created art,” she advises, encouraging artists to remain inspired by the enduring value of traditional skills and craftsmanship in various industries.

Promoting Human Artistry Amidst AI’s Rise

Colouring Heaven’s commitment to human creativity is a powerful statement in an age where AI-generated art is becoming more prevalent.

“We feature the artist’s stories in our magazines, allowing people to ‘Meet the Artist’ and understand the person behind the artwork,” Jenny explains.

This initiative showcases their dedication to the artistic community and serves as a testament to the value of human artistry in a technology-driven world.

Their steadfast support for human creativity reinforces a community where human artists are celebrated, supported, and provided the platform they deserve.


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