Championing Respect for Intellectual Property

In accordance with the third principle of our declaration, and in an effort to support our signatories’ proper use of intellectual property, we’re delighted to introduce our legal expert, Dr. Mathilde Pavis.

Featured Artist: Eleanor Wright

Introducing Dr. Mathilde Pavis

Founder of Pavis Consultancy, Dr. Mathilde Pavis (seen above) stands as a global authority in intellectual property, data, and ethics.

As a firm, they collaborate with clients to establish transparent processes, contracts, and communications concerning intellectual property rights, data ownership, and ethical considerations.

Their services span legal consultation, tailored guidance, and comprehensive training—ensuring innovators are well-equipped and confident in navigating legal complexities, emerging policies, and negotiations.

“Besides issues of copyright infringement, generative AI is raising questions of transparency about when and how AI was used to create new content.

We are moving towards having “a right to know” whether content we use or engage with made by a human or an AI.

New EU regulations will make this a legal requirement very soon in the EU.

In the UK, industry standards in the creatives industries are expected to follow the same path.”



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