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The following details responses to some of the key questions people have asked about the declaration. If you have a question that isn’t answered below, please feel free to get in touch.

What is the Only Human Art Declaration all about

The Only Human Art Declaration advocates for the commissioning of human-made visual artwork in creative and marketing projects, urging organisations to pledge not to substitute professional artists with generative AI.

Why is it important to use human-made visual artwork in creative projects

Human-made visual artwork brings a unique perspective, creativity, and emotion that AI cannot replicate. By involving human artists, projects can have a more authentic and meaningful impact.

How can your organisation participate

To participate, simply sign the declaration and pledge your organisation’s support for human visual artists, and against their displacement by generative AI models.

What do signatories receive

Declaration signatories are added to our list and their commitment promoted via our social media channels. They also receive a licensed logo to use across their own marketing materials, to promote their support of human artistry.

Is the campaign against using generative AI models in creative projects altogether

Yes, although the campaign recognises the value of AI in various other applications, and emphasises that AI should not replace human artists, but rather complement their skills and enhance creativity.

How does the campaign define "generative AI" in this context

Generative AI in the context of visual art refers to the use of artificial intelligence, particularly deep learning techniques, to generate visual imagery. This type of AI involves training models on large datasets of existing visual art, to learn patterns, styles, and structures. Once trained, these models can generate new and “original” visual artworks that mimic the styles and characteristics of the input data.

What if an organisation occasionally uses generative AI models? Can it still participate

Unfortunately not! The campaign aims to encourage responsible and thoughtful use of technology. Organisations can participate as long as they commit to exclusively working with human artists and not replacing their roles with content created using generative AI models.

Is the campaign's scope limited to specific types of visual art

No, the campaign is inclusive of all forms of visual art. It encompasses a wide range of mediums, from traditional to digital art, photography, illustration, and more.

How can creatives support the Only Human Art Declaration

Creatives can support the campaign by sharing their experience, spreading awareness, sharing campaign materials on social media, and encouraging organisations to sign the declaration.

Who’s behind the Only Human Art Declaration

The Only Human Art Declaration was created by Skribbl, an illustration marketplace selling premium, human-made illustrations. Their aim in setting up the declaration is to support their growing community of artists and help protect them from the career-ending threat of generative AI models.

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